3 Steps to Organizing Hunting Gear

Hunters nationwide are getting their hunting gear ready for one of the biggest seasons of the year – deer season. If you’re a hunter or even live with one, you know that having your gear organized can make or break the season. Here’s a 3-step guide with tips on how to organize your hunting storage space.

1-3Before you can begin, you have to know where you will end. Designate a space in the mudroom, garage or spare closet for only hunting gear. Clean out the space, if necessary, and start brainstorming.

Any shelving or open wall space can be optimized for functionality. Shelving provides space for baskets or to stand up boots while an open wall can be equipped with slatwall, filled with a gun safe or even cabinets.

have-a-systemThis is the hard part. Get your gear and start sorting. Think about how you or the hunter you live with would prefer the gear be sorted. Would you rather have all coats in one space while all bullets and shells are in another? Or would you rather have everything for duck season in one place and deer season in another?

With your system in mind, start sorting items into piles or boxes. Make sure you have a pile for “throw-away” and “donate” or “sell.” You don’t want to keep more than what you need.


Here’s where the real sense of accomplishment begins. Once everything is sorted, you can start organizing your gear into the new space.

Grab some baskets, boxes, hangers or whatever storage method you think will work best in your space. Label them, if you would like. And start putting your gear in its place. For optimal organization of any space, we recommend slatwall. Slatwall is the foundation of endless organizational possibilities, even in a hunting closet.

See the possibilities below and click to shop:






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