Trade Show & Craft Show Displays

Trade show season is here! And we are here to equip and help you to create the best display yet and sell more than ever before.

12-028-2TPhysically, your display needs to be sturdy, adaptable, easy to transport and set up as you move from show to show. Gridwall is one of our most popular items for trade show vendors for precisely this reason. Gridwall panels are made of durable metal, available in various rectangular sizes and can be paired with bases that fit your booth style and size. The panels and bases break down to easily fit into a trailer or vehicle for transportation. If you don’t need a full wall of gridwall, it’s also available in a countertop size for smaller items like earrings and necklaces.

Now that all the technical talk is out of the way, we can move on to the fun part – visual displays. Visually, your display should speak for your products, draw people in and give them a reason to linger. Gridwall is not only adaptable to your booth size and shape but also to your style. Here are a few of our favorite displays from our Trade Show Tips & Displays Pinterest Board.





Gridwall is available in black, white and chrome finishes. Choose a finish that complements your merchandise and brand. If prefer to minimize the grid-like pattern as the background of your booth, hang a bed sheet or curtain behind the gridwall.

If your style leans more toward minimalistic or artsy, gridwall can be great for spacing out your merchandise and adding a design aspect to your display.  Take the display to the right, for example. The same idea can be applied to your display booth.

If you have copious amounts of merchandise to display in a small area, gridwall is ideal for maximizing your space. Use traditional walls around the perimeter of your booth or create three or four-sided columns with these bases to add more display space. And don’t forget your hooks!


Gridwall is also useful when it comes to decorating your booth. The pattern of gridwall makes it easy to hang decorations along with products using zip-ties and hooks. We mentioned earlier how you can hang fabric behind the gridwall to set your booth apart and lessen the hard grid pattern. You can also hang curtains in front of gridwall to give your booth a home-like feel. Hang chalkboard signs to highlight sale items or promote social media accounts, or you can use our signs for a more consistent look. Weave fabric or rope in the grid to add character and color to your booth. The possibilities are endless!

We hope your mind is buzzing with inspiration, but just in case you need more ideas and tips we made a Pinterest Board just for you! If you have any questions about gridwall and how you can use it for your next trade or craft show, check out our website at or give us a call at 866-463-3668.

Best of wishes!


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