Shiplap vs Slatwall, and How Slatwall is Better

Shiplap. Joanna Gaines on HGTV‘s Fixer Upper raves about it. It’s the Country Living choice for rustic interiors. And countless interior design professionals and publications feature it.

We’d like to introduce something better. Slatwall.

shiplap-cedar-siding-1Before we go into the benefits of slatwall, let’s take a look at shiplap.

What is shiplap? Shiplap is a type of wood paneling used in the 19th century as inexpensive siding for homes, barns and other buildings. The boards fit snuggly together with rabbet cuts. When fit together, the grooves are slight enough to give the “panel” look but tight enough to protect the building.

Like everything else these days, shiplap is being repurpose and recreated for interior walls. With a little paint, you can get a simple yet classic look.

But that’s it. After shiplap is on the wall, you treat it like sheetrock when decorating. You have to deal with measuring and drilling holes and correcting your spacing. Sounds fun, right?

This is where we come in with our “something better.” Slatwall.

SW-Walnut-2TSlatwall looks similar to shiplap but with more benefits. Slatwall is just as sturdy but
easier to install since it comes in large panels and screws directly into the wall. It’s also available in over 30 colors and textures,so you don’t have to paint anything. Slatwall also comes in 3 inch and 6 inch sizes, making your slatwall boards thinner or wider. The 6 inch size would more closely resemble shiplap.

Now, remember all the problems you can encounter when hanging and decorating? Slatwall is equipped with built-in grooves so you can easily slide in accessories and arrange your decorations.

You can easily install and arrange hooks, shelves, even mirrors and baskets without measuring or drilling any holes! Just adjust the accessory in the groove, stand back and marvel at how easy it was.

Here’s a sneak peek at our favorite vintage wood slatwall styles!

For more ideas on how to use slatwall in your home, check out our last blog and our slatwall Pinterest Board! We can’t wait to see what you come up with. Be sure to share it with us on Facebook and Instagram!




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