Getting Your Home Organized for School

Work books and color pencils are strewn across the counter. You can’t seem to find that progress report you need to sign. And you’re pretty sure your kid spilled milk on the only clean uniform you could find this morning in his mess of a closet.

Sound like a normal school day morning?

Whether you homeschool or send your kids to school, keeping up with all the pieces can be way more stressful than it needs to be. With a little slatwall and a few accessories, you can be organized and ready to take on the school year.

A lot of people may think slatwall is just for garages and stores, but that’s not all there is to it. Slatwall can be used in your home to maximize organization and space. Fixture Depot has over 30 colors and textures of slatwall available so you can choose panels that match your home. Slatwall panels can be installed by a single person and blend beautifully in any space with a visual frame.

Screen Shot 2016-08-17 at 3.39.14 PM
Source: One Kindesign on Pinterest

You can mimic this cozy space by any door and use it as a “drop spot” for the family. Fill a wall or a section of a wall with slatwall and start adding accessories according to your family’s lifestyle. Add hooks for raincoats, umbrellas, hats and keys or slide in faceouts and hangers for backpacks and lunch boxes. Your family can drop off their belongings when they come home and then everything you need before walking out the door will be right there waiting for them, making school mornings a breeze.

Using slatwall in your home is practical and affordable. If you work from home, homeschool or have a work space, slatwall is an ideal tool for optimizing organization and functionality. Using acrylic accessories, you can create a place for all the school and craft supplies your family uses. Bins are ideal for holding pens, color pencils, markers, scissors and other supplies while Literature holders are perfect for organizing papers. Rather than stacking papers in a drawer or cabinet, keep report cards, permission forms, construction and printing paper separate and accessible. You’ll never lose or forget to sign a document again!

Screen Shot 2016-08-17 at 4.29.22 PM
Source: Better Homes & Gardens on Pinterest

Slatwall and accessories don’t just organize your life, they also help personalize your space. We have specially-made mirrors you can hang on slatwall so you can check your appearance before you leave. You can even decorate the wall with family pictures and decor by simply sliding shelves into the slatwall.

Check out our Pinterest Board “Getting Organized for School” to see all these accessories in action and get ideas on how to use them in your home!


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