3 Ways to Improve Garage Organization

It’s August. Summer is more than halfway over, yet your garage is still a mess. You want to give up and push off the task until next year, but you know that will only create more problems. Fortunately, there is an answer. Slatwall PVC Panels are the perfect way to de-clutter and organize items in your garage. Check out a few accessories that we like to use on PVC Slatwall to make garages a little more pleasant to walk into.

Organized Sports & Athletic Items

Our garage sports rack and basket allows for a variety of balls, mitts, and shoes to be stored in one place for easy access. Whether it’s baseball, basketball or soccer, this basket will fit a number of items, including bats all in one place. No more digging around in the storage closet or searching for the last place you placed your sports equipment. If you prefer baskets and accessories more specific to your sport, check out some of the items below.



Tools, Tools, Tools…

Tools are the most common culprit of clutter in garages. You have a tool for everything, yet no place for every tool. Make room for larger items by mounting your equipment on to PVC slatwall. No more rummaging around in tool boxes or benches looking for the perfect supplies to complete your project. Display your items on the wall of your garage with ease and organization.


Slatboxes for Smaller Items

You can’t forget the fact that with tools comes smaller items, like nails, screws, washers, tape, garbage bags or assembly parts. And those pieces tend to build up over time, never landing in one place. Organize knick knacks and hardware using a color code to never lose them again using Slatboxes, a Fixture Depot customer favorite. Mount them on the wall in multiple colors and/or sizes or label them and add dividers within each box to separate your smaller items.

Check out our variety of options here:

Screen Shot 2016-08-01 at 11.09.34 AM


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